by Will Hughes, 11th grade


Throughout my two years of engineering, I have learned one thing. One never knows what sort of problem will arise, but through teamwork skills, a solution can always be met. This course has allowed me to learn how to properly work with a team, which is a skill everyone needs, no matter what field they plan to enter. I do not plan to be an engineer. I do not think it is a good career choice for me. However, I stayed devoted to the course because this is the only class that allows me to work creatively with a team. Team-based problem solving skills are appreciated by all fields of work, because working with a team is going to happen in everyone’s career choice. Working together gives everybody a chance to come out of their shell and express themselves academically and creatively.

I remember my first engineering project in year one. I said a total of three words throughout the entire first day of the project because I did not want to seem stupid and say something completely unnecessary. After a few days of working on the project, I began to see that speaking out is extremely important whether one thinks their idea is good or garbage. So, I spoke more, I expressed my ideas no matter what. A few of the ideas were garbage, but some were fairly good and we actually used them. One must sort the garbage from the exceptional by simply putting it all on the table.

After that project, I saw that speaking ideas is the most important part of teamwork. Listening to everyone’s thoughts and feelings can make the outcome better by an exponential factor. Any thought held back is a spark that has died. Teamwork is the most important aspect of life, being able to work with others and cooperate opens so many career paths. Engineering has fine-tuned and trained my teamwork skills, and they can only get better. Learning teamwork through engineering will open endless opportunities.


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